. Supersonic

Supersonic was a new event for charity, Manchester Pride. The red carpet was rolled out for this auction and dinner held at the Concorde Hangar at Manchester Airport, and it really was a spectacular and unusual setting. It’s not every day I get to photograph onboard Concorde and wear the pilot’s cap! Headlining act was an energetic set from The Feeling, with support from local lass Ren Harvieu, who also sang an amazing and highly appropriate version of Aretha Franklin’s ‘A Deeper Love’ from the steps of Concorde with the Manchester Airport Choir. A new patron for Manchester Pride was announced as Alicya Eyo, who is best known for her roles in ‘Emmerdale’ and ‘Bad Girls’, and she gave a very warm and heartfelt speech. Even David Gest put in an appearance, chatting with ‘Hollyoaks’ star Nicole Barber-Lane and Manchester Evening News’ Dianne Bourne. Items auctioned off included Manchester United and Manchester City signed merchandise, ‘Emmerdale’ signed scripts, champagne dinners and VIP tickets to this year’s Manchester Pride festival. The image which seems to have attracted the most press from the evening is the moment when The Feeling’s singer, Dan Gillespie-Sells, seemed to forget that he was performing underneath Concorde. He enthusiastically climbed on top of the drum kit before launching himself into the air… banging his head on Concorde in the process. No pop stars were injured in the taking of this photograph and it was a brilliant moment, in a fantastic evening. He’s a selection of my favourites…


Supersonic 014

Supersonic 017

Supersonic 028b

Supersonic 042

Supersonic 149

Supersonic 064

Supersonic 083

Supersonic 122

Supersonic 207

Supersonic 255

Supersonic 269

Supersonic 356

Supersonic 382

Supersonic 394


. The Huffington Post

. How to be Proud

This wonderfully written article, by Zach Udko, sums up perfectly why I work with the lovely people at Manchester Pride, and I’m delighted they chose to use some of my pic’s… How to be Proud.



I am delighted to announce my new exhibition ‘First Love’ which coincides with Jonathan Harvey’s play ‘Beautiful Thing’ at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. 2 November 2011 – 5 December 2011. Mezzanine Gallery. Free admission.

A contemporary snapshot of Manchester’s LGBT community in the year 2011. Observant, touching and celebratory, the exhibition sets out to capture some of the emotions experienced through FIRST LOVE – excitement, awakening and sometimes even loss.

“Her work speaks for itself -striking, subtle and with depth.” Jackie Crozier. Festival Director, Manchester Pride.

Working on this exhibition has been a wonderful experience for me and I have met so many generous and kind people along the way, from the dedicated staff and volunteers at Manchester Pride to the enthusiastic and inspiring staff at the Royal Exchange, but perhaps most of all, to the very humbling people of Manchester, many of whom I met whilst out and about with my camera. Their energy and warmth kept me going. So, if you’re reading this, thank you all!

. Manchester Pride 2010

Very exciting. Got my press pass; got my VIP pass; got my t-shirt & got my camera equipment. Looks like I’m all ready to go!

This weekend is going to be a little bit crazy. Starting today photographing the set up of the site. All of the hard work which goes on behind the scenes. Then the shows starts tonight with Belinda Carslile and Heaven 17.

Tomorrow is parade day. Brace yourselves Manchester… Sir Ian McKellen is going to lead a very loud and colourful entourage through the streets!! This is the 20th year of Manchester Pride and this year sees some very big names join the parade. Not only will Sir Ian be Grand Marshall, but he will be shortly followed by the cast and crew of TV favourite “Coronation Street”. Also new to the parade will be Manchester Airport, who promise a very glamorous float. Fun and events all day long and then Saturday night is dance night with headliners Chicane.

Sunday promises to be a little more relaxed, with Proms in the Park and local acoustic music. The evening sees Kellis on main stage, who I may not see much of as I’m happy to be covering the Women’s Stage event, which will see a plethora of music, comedy and dance hit the stage.

And so to Monday. Still lots of events happening throughout the day. Headlining tonight is the amazingly soulful Beverley Knight before the event is concluded with a Candlelit Vigil in memory of all absent friends.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the event, or volunteering for next year, then visit http://www.manchesterpride.com

. Headshots – Manchester Pride

Ok. I’m due to cover some other stuff, but just now it seems to be all about Manchester Pride, so bear with me…

It’s a busy time for the team and it’s incredible to think that this team of 3 people organise such a large event, with the help of an army of trusty and eager volunteers, I should add. Anyway, it was time for new team profile shots, which is where I came in…

Being Manchester, it rained, but we still found something to laugh about.

. Manchester Pride Press Launch

So, Manchester Pride kindly invited me along to the Press Launch of Pride 2010… and I didn’t have to work, so free wine and sit back and enjoy the entertainment, provided by Bourgious & Maurice (hilariously talented!), 3 Poofs & a Piano (one was missing!) & Christopher Biggins. It was held in an amazing spiegeltent (travelling, wooden theatre) complete, of course, with a glitterball!

It was a great opportunity for me to meet people and see what was in store for me once I start the photography for them. Can’t wait to get started now!