. Heather Peace . Fairytales Tour . 2012

I had decided to write less on my blog and to let the photo’s speak for themselves, but it seemed rude to start on this post, for various reasons. So here goes…

I was fortunate enough to go along and photograph some of Heather Peace’s sell-out ‘Fairytales’ tour in June, and rather marvellous it was too. Support was provided by the very talented, yet refreshingly humble, AMiTY. I’ve photographed AMiTY before and was suitably impressed. Now she’s added more songs, and yet more instruments, to her repertoire. Dressed in her trademark black and white, with a flight case doubling up as a bass drum, AMiTY was very well received and really got the crowds tapping their feet and singing along, and it’s a well-deserved success for such a hard working songwriter.

And so to the main act… It was evident from the start that everyone was united in the success of ‘Fairytales’. From Heather, the band, her team and the fans who’d pledged their hard-earned cash to make the album in the first place. Everybody was proud, everybody loved it and everybody was going to enjoy every minute, or so it seemed. I met such lovely, warm people on my travels. On the whole, the crowd went to enjoy and to listen to that amazing voice and to watch as Heather flitted effortlessly between piano and guitar, cracking jokes as she went. She was obviously enjoying every minute and there was a lot of emotion came through in the songs. A solid bunch of musicians made up the band who created a smooth and polished sound which complimented Heather’s rich, jazz infused vocals.

I have so many photo’s and it was tough to choose. How do you capture an entire show with a few images? But here are a few of my favourites. You can find more on my Facebook page in the very near future.

And finally, Heather in reflective mood… Is she quietly counting her blessings? Praying for her hard-earned success to continue? Let’s all hope so, for Heather Peace certainly seems to spread a glimmer of happiness wherever she goes these days.


. Heather Peace ‘Fairytales’ Tour 2012

Heather Peace UK tour, April 2011. Can it really be over a year ago?! I’m massively looking forward to the ‘Fairytales’ tour which starts on Tuesday and is set to be a sell-out like the previous year. Can’t wait to hear the songs live and see how they have evolved with the new band, and to hear that amazing voice again, of course. With her album in the iTunes chart, interviews galore, and seldom far from our TV screens, things are looking pretty good for this multi-talented lady just now. And quite right too!

Here’s one from last year, to keep you going. The quiet before the storm.

. Stand Out Comedy Tour

So, yesterday I caught up with three of the UK’s funniest female stand-up comics, Zoe Lyons, Jen Brister and Suzi Ruffell, on their first ever live tour together.

Following on from their recent appearances at Edinburgh Fringe, this tour is a combination of all the best bits, rolled into one. Three very different outlooks but all fantastically funny, and there was rarely a moment when the audience weren’t either captivated by one of the many engaging tales or rolling about their seats with laughter. These three ladies are seriously funny.

The evening, at Sound Control, was hosted by the hugely entertaining Heather Peace, who took a break from her own singing and acting to keep the evening running smoothly with her usual mix of charm and wit.

And to top it all off we had a special musical performance from AMiTY. Never have I seen anyone play the drums, guitar and sing all at the same time. The crowd loved it and were soon dancing in the aisles. A fantastic way to spend an otherwise miserable night in Manchester.

The tour continues around the UK this week and I can heartily recommend it.


These are the photographs which made it through the selection process and onto Heather’s website. Plus 6 others in the gallery section at http://www.heatherpeace.com

I know you’ve seen them before, but I just wanted to show them off with Heather’s logo on!! Huge thanks and respect to Heather for her patience and input. It’s very much appreciated.


So, Heather kindly allowed me and my trusty camera along again to another, more intimate gig for family and friends, in Bradford. Tonight was black & white night… just to make sure we had enough variety with the photographs.

Thanks to Heather and her lovely family for making me so welcome.


I had the pleasure and good fortune of meeting Heather Peace backstage at Manchester Pride, and when I was asked to photograph her upcoming gig at the beautiful Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, I jumped at the chance.

Heather is perhaps better known for her acting having appeared in London’s Burning, The Chase and BBC3’s much-anticipated drama Lip Service, but she’s also an incredibly talented jazz singer and guitarist, with a wonderfully rich voice. Heather’s also originally from my neck of the woods, which makes her pretty easy-going and friendly, and today was no exception, she was on fine form and very entertaining.

The gig was really well received and there were plenty of smiles and audience chat. Chosen shots have been used on her website http://www.heatherpeace.com to promote her ongoing gigs.

Shobna Gulati enjoys the show.

Singing and talking is thirsty work, you know!

Heather shares a joke…

. Women’s Stage – Manchester Pride

And so, as promised, a post dedicated to the Women’s Stage event at Manchester Pride.

Many amazing and diverse acts performed, from the side-splittingly funny Jen Brister and Sarah Adams, the wonderfully melodic Second Hand Wings, the rich musical talent of Horse, to name but a few. Everything ran really smoothly thanks to the fabulous hosting skills of Claire Mooney and Rosie Lugosi, who both also performed. All rounded off with Think Pink!, a tribute act who soon got the crowd dancing.

A new addition was the Drag King competition, which was judged by staff and patrons of Manchester Pride, including actress and singer Heather Peace, who was due to also perform, but had, sadly, lost her voice. Heather was gracious enough to donate her time elsewhere… judging the competition and having her photograph taken with her many adoring fans. There’s a lot of excitement surrounding this talented actress and her forthcoming BBC drama “Lip Service”. Grab her while you can. So to speak!