. Heather Peace ‘Fairytales’ Tour 2012

Heather Peace UK tour, April 2011. Can it really be over a year ago?! I’m massively looking forward to the ‘Fairytales’ tour which starts on Tuesday and is set to be a sell-out like the previous year. Can’t wait to hear the songs live and see how they have evolved with the new band, and to hear that amazing voice again, of course. With her album in the iTunes chart, interviews galore, and seldom far from our TV screens, things are looking pretty good for this multi-talented lady just now. And quite right too!

Here’s one from last year, to keep you going. The quiet before the storm.

. Stand Out Comedy Tour… extra, extra…

Since it’s fast approaching EDINBURGH FRINGE time again, I thought I’d take the opportunity to promote 3 of my favourite comedians again. Yes, they’re all women. Yes, they’re all extremely funny. And, yes, I do think more could be done to promote female comedians.

So, going back in time, to the STAND OUT COMEDY TOUR, I’d found myself with the opportunity to take in an extra bit of the Tour, and I was so very glad that I did. The strength of these performers meant that no gig was quite the same; the material varied, the audience reaction altered, and the lighting was different… immensely different. From the dark, muted blue and red tones of SOUND CONTROL, Manchester, I found myself with the warm, peachy glow of the GLEE CLUB, Nottingham. This venue was much more appropriate for this type of gig as not only did they provide much more flattering lighting, the crowd were much closer and, with no barriers to peer over, very much more involved in the performances.

JEN BRISTER played host tonight, in addition to her own set, with SUZI RUFFELL and ZOE LYONS taking the stage in between. The comedy was again rounded off by a sterling musical performance from AMiTY.

All four of these ladies provided me with so many photo opportunties that I was spoilt for choice, but couldn’t resist the ‘shoe shots’. I’m always intrigued by the variety of footwear worn on stage (Well, when you’re in the Press Pit, that’s pretty much the first thing you see!) I always think that the choice footwear tells a little story about the performer. Maybe I’m just weird.

Anyway, they’re all marvellous. Go and see them, if you can. And to the person whose ear I guffawed in rather too loudly at Zoe’s overtly enthusiastic ‘Dog Pram’ joke, I’m sorry!

. Second Hand Wings . The Cavern . Liverpool

Here’s a band that I know I talk about a lot, but I think they’re brilliant and deserve success. Their sound grows and evolves each time I hear them and I can’t wait for their new EP, which is due for release shortly. You can see them at the IPO Festival in Liverpool where they’ll be playing at THE CAVERN on Saturday 19th May at 4.30pm and then again on Monday 21st May at 9.30pm.

Here’s a little taster from a recent band promo shoot we did recently. More to follow.

. Jill Jackson ‘Getaway Driver’ Tour 2012

And so, the wait is over. The ‘GETAWAY DRIVER’ Tour is upon us. JILL JACKSON’s latest album is a carefully crafted rollercoaster ride of emotions and so, for the live shows, expect laughter and tears, a plethora of musical instruments and a healthy dose of audience banter and singing. It may sound like a church meeting, but it really, really isn’t!

Here are a few shots from Jill’s last gig at the beautiful ORAN MOR, Glasgow, during ‘THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY’ tour. So much fun with a megaphone. Please enjoy.

. Bruno Langley & The Wonderland Band

Today I had the very great pleasure of shooting promo shots for Bruno Langley’s new website. I’ve photographed Bruno and his Wonderland Band a few times before and they are regulars to the jazz scene in and around Manchester. Mixing old classics with retakes on newer songs, they really do provide something for everyone.

It was a really fun day out and these gents kept me giggling all day long. There’s an apparent friendship running between them which is often visable with musicians who rely on their instincts to know where the others are heading with a song.

We attracted a bit of attention shooting around Manchester’s Castlefields, though not as much as the Roman Gladiator (and palm tree?!) featuring in a student film nearby. Here’s a sneaky peek, more to follow shortly…

. Stand Out Comedy Tour

So, yesterday I caught up with three of the UK’s funniest female stand-up comics, Zoe Lyons, Jen Brister and Suzi Ruffell, on their first ever live tour together.

Following on from their recent appearances at Edinburgh Fringe, this tour is a combination of all the best bits, rolled into one. Three very different outlooks but all fantastically funny, and there was rarely a moment when the audience weren’t either captivated by one of the many engaging tales or rolling about their seats with laughter. These three ladies are seriously funny.

The evening, at Sound Control, was hosted by the hugely entertaining Heather Peace, who took a break from her own singing and acting to keep the evening running smoothly with her usual mix of charm and wit.

And to top it all off we had a special musical performance from AMiTY. Never have I seen anyone play the drums, guitar and sing all at the same time. The crowd loved it and were soon dancing in the aisles. A fantastic way to spend an otherwise miserable night in Manchester.

The tour continues around the UK this week and I can heartily recommend it.